Artifact Cafe

I used to frequent Starbucks on a regular basis, likely because there's one everywhere you go. I recently broke the cycle by  patronizing locally-owned Baltimore cafes and immediately fell in love with one in my neighborhood called Artifact. Even their website is amazing.

The cafe is very worker friendly, with old drafting stools and a large handcrafted table with pop-up electrical outlets. The ambiance is complete with fresh flowers everywhere you turn.

They serve a large selection of fresh food & beverages that are as good as they look!

The decor fits the old mill house perfectly, including a large door hangs in the main room against the stone wall as a pin board. I want one in my house as my inspiration board.

Beautifully-packaged goods are stocked on the salvaged wood shelves above the record player that plays a fabulous eclectic mix of vinyl.

Artifact has thought of everything, down to the smallest detail.Your tab even comes neatly rolled in an old spice container. :)