Artscape 2015 Recap

I think Mother Nature is in cahoots with ArtScape to guarantee the hottest weekend of the summer for the largest art festival on the east coast. Although temperatures and humidity were high, they did not affect the attendance. Hundreds of thousands of people came to see the festivities - including, an artist market, interactive demonstrations, live bands and much more. Here's a view from where I sat all weekend.

One of the highlights was the City schools' marching bands. It's impossible for me to not dance when they come by. Those kids can get down and I love it.


Here are a few shots from my home for the last 3 days.

Festival visitors are always my favorite part about ArtScape. I love running into friends who I haven't seen in ages and current ones who I just don't see enough. My parents even surprised me with a drop-in this year. Below are photos from a handful of great people (and a furry fella) who stopped by the booth.

I was lucky to have awesome booth neighbors, including my friend Paige who sold her Christine Shirley goodies from Philly. My only ArtScape purchase were 2 pairs of beach shorts from the Christine Shirley shop.

I did buy lots of food - even though I brought pre-cooked snacks for the weekend. My Sunday breakfast was the best,  homemade mini doughnuts and chocolate frosting. It had been a while since I had dessert for breakfast. After I typed that, I realized it hasn't really been that long. :)