Brain Droppings

I was having trouble concentrating on work today, so I did an exercise of listing experiences and silly thoughts that made me laugh. Doing this gave me the creative jump start I needed. I remember reading a similar list in one of my favorite blogs, so I figured I'd give it a whirl...

  1. I don’t understand why adults don’t have roller skating parties.
  2. I love when people address me "baby" or "hon."
  3. In 5th grade, I cut the top of my thumb with a dog food can lid the morning before my mom and I left for the beach. I couldn't swim all week and I was miserable.
  4. My dad once represented the man who invented the training wheel.
  5. I think all dogs smell like ham and nacho chips. My dog Margie smelled the hammiest.
  6. That episode of Seinfeld was right, everything is better with cinnamon.
  7. I still dream about being a backup dancer. Only the people who read this and my dog know I still practice in my living room.
  8. I’ve always had a collection of found bones, eggs, rocks, insect, turtle shells…
  9. In 6th grade, I beat all the boys in an arm wrestling competition.
  10. Hand-written snail mail is the best.
  11. Boxed red wine mixed with ginger ale is not gross and is actually refreshing in the summertime.
  12. I'm tickled that the mail lady at work always knows my name and I've never received a delivery at the office.
  13. I have an extensive pencil collection.
  14. Dahlias are my favorite flowers
  15. The only thing better than a good pun is a good poop joke.
  16. My favorite memories include good coffee and hours of walking through antique shops in historic towns along the coast of Maine with my bestie Katie.
  17. I like when people talk to me in the elevator before work.
  18. When I was little, I had a crush on the fox in the cartoon version of “Robin Hood.”
  19. I’m proud of my best friend for moving to Colorado on a whim.
  20. The only thing better than unexpected pre-Christmas snow is a wood-burning fire. The 2 together can’t be beat.
  21. I briefly lived in NYC after college for the experience.
  22. Peanut butter and honey on rye bread with chips and milk is delicious. 
  23. My middle name is Leinjarv. It’s my Estonia grandmother (Eha’s) maiden name. I miss her so much.
  24. I recently invented a character named Sticky Paws who lives in the hood and inherited his nickname from eating honey from the Sue Bee tub with his fingers as a child.
  25. Even with several attempts, I've never successfully done a flip off a diving board - front or back.
  26. Kayaking down the Gunpowder River is more fun when you know you’re having dinner afterward at Brewer’s Landing in Essex.
  27. My back porch is the best place to watch the show that starts with pre-thunderstorm winds and the smell of metal in the air.
  28. As an adult, I still love snow and I still want a pool in my backyard.
  29. Crickets who sing in late-August at dusk are awesome.
  30. I think all mean-spirited people are sad. 
  31. International dentistry time is “tooth-irty.”
  32. I love when people surprise me by saying something I’d never expect them to say.
  33. Gracie Brown is the best goddamn dog a person could have.
  34. When I was little, I won a competition at 4-H camp for popping my shoulder out of socket.
  35. I erase parts of words that I’ve written in cursive if they’re not perfect.