DIY Jewelry: In Like Lynn - October 25th, 6:00

Make two of your own custom jewelry pieces (necklace, bracelet or earrings)! You'll learn how to assemble jewelry using pliers, chain and hardware. Choose from oodles of chain and hundreds of charms - feathers, brass charms, antique keys, crystals, Scrabble tiles, Maryland state charms, antique cracker jack prizes, lockets, coins, arrowheads, typewriter keys, lockets, old hotel room tags, bullet casings, leather and many many many more. Email me with any questions, or if you're looking for a specific charm/jewelry style for the course.

The course is at one my favorite pubs, In Like Flynn, in Locust Point (near Fort McHenry). This place has awesome food, ridiculous wine pours and easy parking. I also love the bartender (Cora Flynn), who plays great music. Click here for directions to In Like Flynn.

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