I've been a naturalist and collector my entire life...

An entomologist by kindergarten, I loved creating elaborate wall displays with hand-captured insects. As a child, you could also find me in the attic sorting through my grandmother’s costume jewelry. Not much has changed since; I’m always on the hunt for natural and tossed objects that I can transform into art.

That cartoon lightbulb that pops above your head started blinking when I realized I could collect, design and craft for a living. After years of working in a grueling office job, I decided to pursue my passions professionally. A bit of an old soul, hunting for salvaged finds connects me with the past. Creating one-of-a-kind jewelry from nostalgic pieces that hold a story, there's something really neat about that. I feel complete bliss when I design my work and am so grateful for knowing and doing what makes me happy.  

My goal is to create affordable, everyday jewelry that can be paired with most of your outfit. You can find my accessories online, in a variety of shops and at local festivals along the east coast.